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ENVI ENvironment for Visualizing Images " ENVI 5 sp2
    A new Radiometric Calibration tool calibrates image data to spectral radiance, top-of-atmosphere reflectance, or at-sensor brightness temperatures by reading the relevant metadata from the satellite vendor. Calibration options vary by sensor. This tool replaces the Calibrate Landsat, Calibrate WorldView, and Calibrate QuickBird tools; those have been removed from the Toolbox. The Radiometric Calibration tool also provides an option to create a radiance image that can be directly imported into the FLAASH atmospheric correction more
ENVI 5 sp1
Exelis Visual Information Solutions is committed to delivering the latest technology to our ENVI® customers as quickly as possible. To achieve this goal, we periodically release ENVI Service Packs, which are delivered to our customers between major ENVI releases. ENVI Service Packs include support for more data types, functional improvements, and bug fixes to help you get the information you need from your geospatial imagery. In this latest release you will find updates to the High Performance Display Engine and the Layer Manager capabilities as well as imporvements to both User Interface and ENVI’s advanced data more
ENVI 5    Is the premier software solution for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery. The newest ENVI release makes your image analysis workflow more efficient than ever and allows you to get the information you need more quickly.
With a streamlined user interface, a modern high-speed display, new and advanced processing tools, and a flexible API for easy customization, ENVI 5 makes it easier for you to solve problems using geospatial imagery. And, since all ENVI tools are still conveniently accessible from the ArcGIS® toolbox, GIS users can easily add information to their GIS workflow for enhanced mapping applications.Read more

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