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Atlas has more than 30 clients from the public and private sector representing diverse application areas including, but not limited to: Natural resources, AM/FM, Educational, Municipal, Military, and Agricultural.
Among these clients are some of the major producers/providers of digital geographic data in Iraq, such as the Department of Survey and various utility companies such as the Water Authority of Iraq.
Atlas′ list of public sector users
Ministry of Defense – Digital Mapping Section
Ministry of Defense Department of Survey
Water Authority of Iraq
Ministry of Water & Irrigation
Natural Resources Authority
Housing & Urban Corporation
Higher Council of Science & Technology
Department of Statistics/ Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Social Development
Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Communications
Atlas′ list of University users
University of Baghdad – Faculty of Agriculture
University of Baghdad– Geography Department
University of Baghdad– Water Research Center
Mosul University – Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Mosul University – Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
Technology University – Image Processing Department
Basra University – Department of Geography
Baghdad University for Architectural Engineering
Baghdad University - Agricultural Engineering
Mosul university- Remote Sensing Department
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