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Atlas Tracking Solutions

  • Atlas for GIS & Surveying Systems provides location based solutions for effective management of vehicles, mobile workers, asset monitoring, goods, personal safety and homeland security.
  • Atlas has been engaged in several Tracking Projects, in which we provided fleet management solutions and AVL (Automatic Vechicle Location) for several industries.
  • We have provided our Tracking Solutions for both public and private agencies. Our tracking team consists of professional engineers who are experts in this field.
  • And to reach all user requirements Atlas introduce Vehicle Tracking System through GSM towers & Satellite. these two solutions are set to cover all provinces of our country including the parts with no GSM coverage.
  • Atlas uses several Tracking Servers in which can be installed at client′s site or at our designated servers such servers are Esri Tracking Server and GpsGate Server in which each delivers a different and enhanced platform.

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